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Is Black Lash Glue Better?

Is Black Lash Glue Better

The cosmetic industry produces lash adhesives according to public preference. The most common colors are clear (or translucent), black and white. It is only natural that if you have naturally black and voluminous eyelashes, you would think “Is black lash…

What are Professional Eyelash Extensions?

What are Professional Eyelash Extensions?

Do you find yourself captivated by the allure of long, fluttering lashes? What are professional eyelash extensions? How long will they last? The addition of these expertly-placed lashes has become the go-to solution for a flawless and attractive look. Glamoreeyelashes…

How Do You Get Rid of Lash Mites?

How Do You Get Rid of Lash Mites

These tiny insects are called lash mites. These mites can irritate because they live in your eyelash follicles. It is important to invest time in figuring out How do you get rid of lash mites Glamoreeyelashes presents practical strategies for…

Are Eyelash Mites Harmful?

Are Eyelash Mites Harmful

Demodex folliculorum or Demodex Brevis, tiny mites that live in your eyelashes may not have occurred to you. Another considerable aspect is: Are eyelash mites harmful? To satisfy your quest for, ‘Are eyelash mites harmful? This article by Glamoreeyelashes will…

What Does Eyelash Primer Do?

What Does Eyelash Primer Do

Lash primer is a beauty staple that has survived despite constant changes in trends. But what does eyelash primer do? Though you may have used it yourself, heard of it, or seen it on the shelves, have you ever pondered…

What are Hybrid Lashes?

What are Hybrid Lashes

Beauty and aesthetics are always looking for ways to enhance natural features. You are constantly looking for new ways to enhance your look, be it through cosmetics or skincare. Recently, hybrid lashes have become very popular. But what are hybrid…

How to Use Lash Curler?

How to Use Lash Curler

The lash curling device is an essential part of any makeup kit. But do you know how to use lash curler? The lash curler can be a powerful tool for creating fluttery, flawless eyes. This is a tiny but effective…

Is Moisturizer Good for Eyelashes?

Is Moisturizer Good for Eyelashes

Now you know that oil-based products can damage eyelash extensions. Have you ever thought about the health of your natural lashes? Is moisturizer good for eyelashes? Eyelashes need the same moisture as your hair. Should You Moisturize Your Eyelashes? Moisture…