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How to Use Lash Curler?

The lash curling device is an essential part of any makeup kit. But do you know how to use lash curler?

The lash curler can be a powerful tool for creating fluttery, flawless eyes. This is a tiny but effective tool. However, with time, you can achieve excellent results with your eye makeup by learning how to use lash curler like a pro!

Knowing Your Lash Curler

To comprehend how to use lash curler, you must get familiar with the parts of a standard lash curler. The majority of lash curlers are made out of:

  • Handle
  • Two clamps with curved edges
  • Metal or plastic frames

The curved clamps are designed to fit the curvature naturally found on your eyelids, making it easier to curl them uniformly.

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How to Use Lash Curler?

Holding the curler in your dominant arm, gently squeeze its handles. The open curler should be placed near the root of the top lashes, without pressing your eyelids.

Apply Light Pressure

Carefully close the clamps after positioning the curler. Do not drag or strain your eyelashes. Apply consistent pressure for five to ten seconds, varying the amount of time depending on your eyelash length and thickness. Avoid pinching too hard on your eyelashes, as this can hurt them.

Section Curling

For optimal results, separate your eyelashes and curl them separately. Continue the process for every area of the eye. Start at the outer corner and work your way inwards. This will produce a more uniform curl and ensure that each eyelash gets the attention it deserves.

Grab and let go

Remove the clamps gradually after each curling region. Allow the curler to set the curl for a few moments. Keep doing this, until you achieve the desired curl.

Final Touch

By applying a thick layer of mascara on top of your curled eyelashes, you will be able to enhance their look and define them further. To get the best curl, choose a product that will lengthen or volumize your lashes.

The Bottom Line

Learning how to use lash curler will become a second nature with the correct technique and a little practice. Take your time to get the perfect curl and use light pressure on your lashes. If you are preparing for an important event or want to enhance your appearance, a perfectly curled eyelash will make all the different.

Sam Smith
Sam Smith
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