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Lash Extension Primer


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As soon as you’re getting ready to apply for extensions, having quality eyelash extension primer is necessary! With our specially formulated eyelash extension primer, drying time for natural lashes should not take as long and they are ready for extensions in no time at all!

Are you aware that eyelash extension primer can increase retention time? Clients will love how long their extensions last and return again and again for refills! For maximum success, make use of our primer with every full set or fill for optimal results.

As soon as natural lashes have been cleaned and prepared for priming with an anti-lint applicator or micro brush, prime them by beginning one millimeter from your lid using gentle up and down motions from base to tip ensuring all lashes have been primed while cleaning away oil residue from their bases ensuring all-natural lash bases have been thoroughly primed before going forward with priming or applying eye shadow.