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Are Eyelash Mites Harmful?

Demodex folliculorum or Demodex Brevis, tiny mites that live in your eyelashes may not have occurred to you. Another considerable aspect is: Are eyelash mites harmful?

To satisfy your quest for, ‘Are eyelash mites harmful? This article by Glamoreeyelashes will help you understand these micro-intruders, and how to avoid them.

Can Eyelash Mites Hurt You?

The mites are unwelcome guests that live in hair follicles. These little creatures, even though they are part of our microbiome, can cause us anxiety. This is especially true for the sensitive area around our eyes.

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Potential Damages and Issues

While usually harmless, eyelash mites can be problematic if they are in excess or if certain circumstances arise. An overabundance may cause eye irritation, swelling, or itching. Certain people may experience Demodicosis, which causes swelling and redness around the eyelids.

Eyelash mites have been associated with blepharitis, a common infection of the eyelids.

Avoidance and control

Adhere to good hygiene practices to prevent an excessive number of eyelash mites. Regularly washing your face and cleaning around your eyes with care can reduce the chance that mites will grow. It will also help remove extra oils, dead skin cells, and debris. The risk of transmission is increased when people share cosmetics and eyecare products.

If you experience irritation around your eyes, or if the condition is persistent, speak to a dermatologist. Topical ointments and medicinal cleansers may be prescribed to reduce mites or treat the symptoms.

The Bottom Line

In summarizing ‘Are eyelash mites harmful? A high population of these microorganisms or certain situations can irritate the eye. By following proper hygiene and seeking medical advice when necessary, you can successfully reduce and control the impact of these micro-intruders.

Sam Smith
Sam Smith
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