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Category Eyelash Extensions

Wispy Lashes vs. Anime Lashes

Wispy Lashes vs. Anime Lashes

Are you bored of wasting endless time looking in the mirror, striving to get your eyes just right? makeup? Do you want to wake up with fluffy, long mascara that makes your eyes sparkle? Then look for no more as…

Why Does My Eyelash Hurt?

Why Does My Eyelash Hurt

Do you have a similar confusion and wonder, “Why does my eyelash hurt?” after an acute, unexpected pain? Eyelash pain, even if it appears minor, can cause irritation. Examine the causes and possible solutions for this pain. Why are the…

How Long Do Lash Lifts Last?

How Long Do Lash Lifts Last

You must be wondering how long do lash lifts last and when your next appointment is. Many of you are motivated by these concerns to get the treatment so that you can stop using lash curlers or mascara daily. The…

Can I Do Lashes Myself?

Can I Do Lashes Myself

Many enthusiasts have been prompted to ask if they can do their own lashes due to the increasing popularity of DIY makeup, skincare and other self-care products. It is appealing to think about improving your own lashes. It is tempting…