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Why Does My Eyelash Hurt?

Do you have a similar confusion and wonder, “Why does my eyelash hurt?” after an acute, unexpected pain? Eyelash pain, even if it appears minor, can cause irritation. Examine the causes and possible solutions for this pain.

Why are the Roots of My Eyelashes Sore?

There are many ways that eyelash discomfort can manifest itself. Blockage of oil glands is often caused by cosmetic residue and dirt buildup that has not been completely removed. You may feel like your eyes are being stabbed or that they hurt all the time. You may experience redness, swelling or excessive tears. Both or one of your eyes could be in discomfort.

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Why Does My Eyelash Hurt?

Ingrown eyelashes are a common cause of eyelash discomfort. An internal rash can be painful and irritating because it irritates the surrounding skin.

Eyelash Folliculitis

When hair inflammation occurs at the eyelid’s edge, you might experience pain, redness, and swelling—fungal or bacterial infections commonly cause this syndrome.


Styes are small, painful bumps that can develop on the eyelid due to a hair follicle blockage or an oil gland obstruction. They can cause localized pain and soreness, especially when you touch or blink the affected area.


It is an inflammation that occurs over time. Rosacea or an overgrowth of bacteria on the skin can cause it. The lashes may be irritated, swollen, or even burned.

Allergic Reactions

Skincare or cosmetic products that irritate the eyelids can lead to pain.


Accidental injuries can cause rashes and discomfort on the lashes, including excessive rubbing of the eyelid or getting foreign objects stuck in it.

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The Bottom Line

Why does my eyelash hurt can be distressing and upsetting? You can reduce your pain by understanding the causes and treating them appropriately. You can manage symptoms by using warm compresses or good eyelid hygiene. Consult a doctor if you need help. If you are concerned about your vision, consult with a healthcare professional.

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