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Tips on Eyelash Extension Bonding & Retention

It’s all about retention! Let’s talk about eyelash adhesive and the environment you are in!

Let’s be honest…there aren’t many things that can be worse than lashing together Eyelash glue it’s watery, slippery, or simply does not seem to adhere to the lash in the right way. Everyone who works with lashes is anxious about the phone call from clients just a few days after having completed the perfect set of lashes or even a lash fill. Even though they were enthralled with the lashes they received when leaving their salons, the lashes simply weren’t holding.

There are many variables that influence the retention of lashes Some of them cannot be controlled by us (client care and aftercare). While others make small changes from our part as a lash artist. This can be the most significant factor.

If you suspect that something isn’t quite right in the quality of the adhesive for your eyelashes, the lashes of your client are losing more frequently than normal or they aren’t sticking equally well when applied It could result from the way you store your adhesive or perhaps a change to the conditions that you’re putting your lashes.

Here’s a couple of tips on how you can use the adhesive as well to guidelines for monitoring and altering the environment of your lashing.

Lash Professional’s glue for extending eyelashes can last for up to six weeks once it has been opened in the right way.

Be sure to keep:

Place upright in a dry, cool location.

The lid must be tightened completely after each use.

Maintain the nozzles of the adhesive clear, together a lint free makeup sponge or foil.

Do not use any cotton-based products for cleaning the nozzle because this could clog the eyelash adhesive, or make the lid stick to the nozzle making it harder or difficult to operate.

Avoid exposure to light, heat, & moisture.

Replace the adhesive each 45 days.

The high-quality eyelash adhesive is accurate when used in a controlled environment temperature and humidity. Here are some tips for tweaking the environment you use your eyelash adhesive in.

Temperature for Eyelash Glue:

The best temperature for lashing should be between 68 and 71 degrees F. It is also recommended that your adhesive be stored at a moderately steady temperature of about 65° F. To get the perfect results We recommend placing your adhesive in a upright position in a dark area far from the sun, like a dark cabinet or drawer.

We don’t recommend keeping this adhesive inside the fridge. The humidity inside the container to condense that in turn, causes premature cure of the adhesive!

Humidity for Eyelash Glue:

The optimal humidity when together The Lash Professional adhesive is 35% to 65%..

In order to monitor the lash room’s humidity We suggest buying one that can measure the level of humidity and moisture in your lashing space.

  • If humidity is excessively high, it is suggested to open the doors or buying the dehumidifier. It will reduce the humidity of the space through the removal of moisture from the air.
  • If your humidity is high, you could require an humidifier. It works by dispersing water vapor to the air in order to rise the humidity. This is a great option for when the heater is up or running around in dry conditions.

A different tip for keeping your adhesive in a location that you aren’t capable of controlling the humidity is to keep it in a upright position inside a compact Ziploc bag that contains dry silica gel or rice that are commonly employed to remove moisture from the air.

Finally, be sure shake your glue well prior to opening. For a brand newly opened bottle and 10 for bottles that have been used recently. The first drop should be discarded before add the second one on your stone. Be sure to replace the glue drop once it becomes stringy or tacky. If it does not, the glue won’t be as powerful. It is usually every 20 to 40 minutes, depending on the environment you are lashing in.


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