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Breaking down Eyelash Extension Curl and Size

There are many types of eyelash curls and lengths. Being familiar with and comfortable with them are essential for your achievement as a professional! It’s true, getting comfortable becomes much easier.


Types of Lash Curls

Let’s begin by introducing J curl. J curly mascara aren’t the kind of lashes typically you’ll use and yet, if you make use of them, you’ll feel elated because they are an opportunity! The J-curl is specifically designed for those with long lashes with a straight line that appear to be pointing downwards. This type of client is difficult to deal with, so there are number of choices you could apply. J curls will deliver them with the natural, simple extension of the natural eyelashes!

The second choice for those who have straight lashes will be the B curly! This feature can give downward-pointing lashes greater “lift.” This curl is a little more curlier than an J curl however it’s an ideal feature for those with lashes that are straight and difficult to curl.

It’s time to leap out of the way in this section. Third feature for people with straight lashes is the L+ Curl. L+ curl is a type of lash that has a flat base. L+ curl really the same as a D or C curl that has a flat base. Do not worry as I’ll go over the curls C and D following. Due to the flat bottom of C and D curls, with the flat base on Lplus curl you’ll be able to offer your client with a difficult time the most powerful lift while perfectly adhere to the lash’s base! They are by far the most visually rewarding.

As promised, we have the ever-popular C curly and the D! These will be the lashes that you’ll use the most frequently. C curly mascaras are made to be used by those who have a little curly natural eyelash, and can cause an open eye effect. C curl Lashes are quite similar to the curls of HTML0, only more curlier! They’re designed to be worn by a woman who has a natural curly curl that wants to create a striking appearance! The lashes are brighter and broaden the eyes and create a noticeable curled look. To get even more volume look, opt for Volume D curled lashes.

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Once you’ve mastered the different types of eyelash curls Let’s discuss length and the diameter! This is a crucial aspect that are not to be ignored lightly. If you choose the wrong length or the diameter of eyelash extensions to the client may result in severe damage to the lashes! Over-weighting the natural lash can lead to damage to natural lashes, and could cause permanent damage. shorter or thinner natural eyelashes.

Below is a chart of sizes which gives you an idea of lash lengths and in diameter and show you what are the lashes that we have!

Choosing Lash Extension Sizes

What is the correct length and size? In the first place, typically, you’ll only need .03 to .10 for volumizing mascaras. Always adhere to these two basic rules:

1. Select a length not greater than 2 mm than the natural lash of the client.

  1. Make sure the diameter is in line with your natural lash (going with a slight rise for an even more striking look).

*Why should we go only 2-3mm more than the natural lash, and not be sure to match the diameter? It is possible to go up to 20mm in diameter and as high as .30mm! If your client’s natural eyelashes measure 10mm in length and .10 millimetre thick when you put on 20mm/.20mm the lashes will not last long and end up being excessively weighty! The lashes that are too thick could cause stress on the lash follicle, which could cause a regrowth that is sparse.

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