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Must-Have Eyelash Extension Tools and Products

Eyelash extensions are devices and accessories that some lash artists call “extras “… and then you will find tools that are essential and items that skillful lash artists can’t live without! In this article, I’ll go over the most important aspects and what you require to make lash extensions. We will also talk about additional accessories and the ways they can will enhance your experience.


Lash Tweezers

Tweezers are a crucial device to lashing. It is essential to have two pair of tweezers in order to finish an lash treatment. What is the reason? The initial pair of tweezers, also known as isolation tweezers are designed intended for “isolating” each natural lash for you to warrant an exact application. It means that any extensions or natural lashes that is not the lash being applied is able to attach with the lash that you choose. Isolation tweezers are used to pick out the natural lash you have chosen as your selection for an effortless application. They’re designed ergonomically to assure that this happens.

The second set of tweezers you require are the lashing tweezers. This means that you’ll have isolated tweezers on one hand, and lashing tongs in the other. It is used with the mascara tweezers in order to remove and place the extensions. They can be straight tweezers which can be used to apply natural lashes. They may be curvaceous or L-shaped Tweezers that are utilized to create volume in lashes.

Since you’ll be with them with every client you have for each and every service You may wish to buy tweezers you trust and love. The investment will be worthwhile!

High-Quality Lashes

Well, duh! Eyelash extensions are a must for any service and are something that you should put into. Customers wear them throughout the day, and they will be aware that you’ve gone the low-cost option, and some might not be happy about this! Get yourself some high-quality eyelashes which will keep their curl, while looking natural.

Eyelash Extension Tape

For those who aren’t quite ready to lash You might be wondering “Tape? What’s the deal?” Well it’s going be you accurate friend…believe my word! tape is applied prior to lashing, to secure on to the lashes of the bottom that have become a bit clumpy. If there is no tape, the lower lashes can cross with upper ones, and could cause a customer’s eye becoming stuck shut. It’s not a good idea for the business.

A medical safe, gentle tape suitable for use on the delicate eye region is excellent.

Lash Brushes

A supply of these beauties during your appointment will benefit keep your lashes straight, organized, and separate. When you do not brush them and they could be firmly attached in a weird angle or, even worse… they could STICK! Brushes for lashes are great to use for many reasons however their primary objective is to warrant all lashes are separated. There are times when you’ll be in the difficult (literally) scenario that an lash brush will not be able to help you out of, however almost all the time, your lash brushes are there to benefit you out.

Primer and Microbrushes

There is a the primer that you apply on every lash for each client and for each treatment! Why? because primer makes sure that all oil and debris are removed from the lashes prior application. It will make a massive impact on the retention of your clients especially since once you leave, we aren’t sure exactly what they are doing and how they handle their eyes. The client is responsible to adhere to the rules to bring off the highest retention. There is no way to manage every aspect of retention. However, one thing we can control is to use primer.

If your client’s lashes are ruined by leftover mascara and oil on their lashes after they apply their extensions, the glue will not last long. What can we do? We use primer! The primer is applied by using the use of microbrushes! The use of a Q-tip or alternative technique could cause tiny lint particles forming on your customer’s eyes or drips of the products! Based on my own knowledge, I’m able to tell you that primer burns in the event that it is absorbed into your eyes. Therefore, do everybody do yourself a favor and keep the two items in your bag such as microbrushes and primer.

Eyelash Adhesive

The thing which will unite everything in the literal sense! Adhesive could be the most crucial component of any service. Selecting an adhesive you trust is essential for your job. Explore your options and be sure you’ve got a quality adhesive for every job.


There are a myriad of things to put into improving every service in addition to your client experience, and perhaps even retention. We will only give a handful of examples, however I’ll list them by order of the way you ought to prioritize them.

1. Eyelash Adhesive Remover

Removers are required when you begin lashing however, it’s not necessary to perform every treatment. The benefits of having it in the event that clients come to you with a poor lash appearance (meaning the lashes of their client are over-stressed!). There are some clients who require their lashes to be removed due to many reasons. You should be prepared for.

2. Eye Pads

Eye pads are sure to ensure that the visit is to be more comfortable for your customer. It’s true, your client’s safety is most crucial factor! Eye pads can warrant that those tiny bottom lashes remain tucked in securely.

3. Lash Tile and Crystal Stone

There are two totally different purposes, yet they fall in the same class due to their compatibility.

The Lash tile is a great way to benefit organize your life with easy accessibility to your eyelashes while keeping track of what’s which where. The cristal stone can be your answer to “Where do I put my adhesive?” It’s going to ensure that your glue stays fresh longer, and also regulates temperature.

  1. Nano Mister

Nano-misters help speed up the curing process of adhesives and decrease the advised “drying time” from 24-48 hours to just 4-10 hours! These are quite cool and certainly something to think about.

The Lash Professional’s educator and ambassador Julie wrote a blog on the process of sealing extensions of lashes using the use of a nano mister. She explained how the nano misters work and the benefits you can get using one. If you’re looking for a little extra time, I strongly recommend taking a look at her article. If you’ve got additional money, I’d highly suggest investing in one!

It’s not easy to apply mascara. It’s going to be easy to locate essential eyelash extensions tools and accessories! If you’re in search of the ultimate one-stop shop, you can check out the Lash Professional’s eyelash extension start-up kit which includes everything you’ll need to begin the journey of lash extension Happy lashing!


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