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How to Stop Eyes Stinging After Eyelash Extensions?

Your eyes hurt after getting those beautiful lash extensions. Don’t worry. The desire to find out how to stop eyes stinging after eyelash extensions is common and can overshadow the excitement you feel about your new look. What’s the great news? You can minimize the pain while still getting your lash extensions.

Potential Causes of Eye Sting:

By going through the following reasons, you can easily judge how to stop eyes stinging after eyelash extensions:

Glue Sensitivity

You may experience an allergic reaction to the glue that is used in the treatment. Certain components can cause discomfort in some people.

Adhesive Fumes

The fumes that are created when applying lash extensions can irritate your eyes and cause a stinging feeling.

Unsuitable Application

If the extensions are placed too close to the eyelash line, or too much glue is used, it can irritate.

Allergic Reactions

Rarely, an individual may experience irritation or sting due to an allergic reaction.

Quick Remedies and treatment for Stinging

These remedies will help you to quickly relieve stinging in the eyes. Add them to your regular eyelash-care routine, or use them whenever you feel irritation in your eyes.

Cold Compressions

Use a cold eye mask or compress. This will reduce inflammation and calm the inflamed eye.

Preservative-Free eye drops

These eye drops can provide immediate relief from stinging and dryness.

Gently rinse the eyes

Rinse your eyes gently with lukewarm tepid water. This will help remove any adhesive residues or irritations.

Preventive measures for prospective Lash Extension

Before receiving the complete set of extensions, you can request a patch test. You will need to test a small amount (of glue or lash material) on your skin to determine if you experience any adverse effects.

Communication with your Lash Expert

Tell your service provider if you are allergic or sensitive to anything. You may be able to use different strategies or treatments to reduce inflammation. We welcome you to our accredited eyelash specialists for amazing eyelash treatments that will give your lashes a flawless and fluttery appearance. Our expertise, knowledge, and skills ensure the correct application, which reduces the risk of irritation or eye-stinging.

Let Your eyes adjust with patience

It may take some time for your eye to adjust to new extensions. Your eyes may initially be more sensitive, but the sensitivity will usually subside within a few days as they adjust to the extensions.

How to Stop Eyes Stinging After Eyelash Extensions
How to Stop Eyes Stinging After Eyelash Extensions

When Should You Seek Professional Help?

Consult our eye specialist or dermatologist if the feeling persists or gets worse after a couple of days. They can diagnose the problem and provide advice or treatment to reduce the pain.

The Bottom Line

It can be irritating to have your eyes sting after getting eyelash extensions. It’s a common problem that leads many people to look for ways to stop their eyes from stinging. However, it’s a common concern compelling many people to search for how to stop eyes stinging after eyelash extensions. You should remember that every person’s eye reacts differently. What works for you might not work for someone else. 

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Avoiding problems with eyelash extensions by taking preventative measures such as doing a patch check, talking to your lash specialist, and using mild treatments can help. Allow your eyes to breathe. The stinging sensation will eventually fade and you can then confidently show off your beautiful lash extensions.

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