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How to Shower with Eyelash Extensions?

The fullness of the lashes can last for several weeks with eyelash extensions. When it comes time to bathe, you will need to know how to shower with eyelash extensions to ensure they stay beautiful as long as possible.


Whether you’re a newbie to extensions or a seasoned pro, here’s how to shower with eyelash extensions without damaging them.

Shower Prepared

Before entering the shower, brush your extensions well. Use a gentle and clean mascara brush or spoolie made specifically for eyelash extensions. Brush gently your lashes to remove any twisted or crossed lashes. The procedure will keep them neat and prevent them from getting tangled in the shower.

Warning: Water temperature

Hot water may be pleasant but it’s not the best friend for your extensions. Use lukewarm water or colder. The adhesive glue holding your wings to the body can be damaged by hot water, which could cause them to fall prematurely. Colder water can also relax you and help reduce morning puffiness.

How to Shower with Eyelash Extensions
How to Shower with Eyelash Extensions

How to Protect Your Eyelashes

As much as you can, keep your eyelashes out of direct contact with water. To clean your face effectively, tilting your head slightly back is a great way to do it. The position prevents water from directly reaching the lashes. Avoid the eye area when using a gentle, oleo-free face cleanser. You can wipe your eye area with a cotton pad or a soft cloth if necessary. Do not touch the extension.

Avoiding excessive moisture and steam

Warm showers may be soothing but they could damage your extensions. Steam can damage glue, causing lashes to fall off. Reduce the temperature or limit your time spent in steamy settings. If you just can’t help yourself, cover your eyes with a dry, clean towel or close them.

The Gentle Drying method

After a shower, resist the temptation to rub your eyes using a towel. To absorb excess water, pat gently a cotton towel over the eye area. If you pull or rub your eyelashes, they may twist and fall prematurely.

After Shower Care

Let your lashes completely dry out before using a spoolie. To avoid moisture problems and to maintain their shape, they must be completely dry.

Other Suggestions

Avoid direct contact by wearing a shower cap or angling your head to the side. You can cover your eyelashes with a towel or a shower visor if you like to wash your face while in the shower.

Bottom line

It is easy to understand how to shower with eyelash extensions. With a bit of focus and care, you can maintain those beautiful lashes for a long time. To keep your extensions looking gorgeous, brush, protect, avoid excess moisture, and dry them carefully between fills. These simple steps can be incorporated into your daily shower routine to preserve the quality of your eyelash extension.

Showers are a great way to keep your eyelashes looking beautiful!

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