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Lash Extension Curl Types

At Glamoreeyelashes, we recognize that the key to stunning lash enhancements lies in choosing between various curl types for our extensions. Each one opens the door to limitless possibilities—from the soft elegance of J curls to the bold drama of D curls! In this blog post, we will look at different lash extension curl types so you can achieve eye-catching looks while complementing natural beauty!

Understanding Lash Extension Curl Types

 Lash extensions come in all different lengths, thicknesses, and curl types that determine their shape and lift; ultimately creating the ideal style for each client. At Glamoreeyelashes we believe in equipping artists with knowledge to craft beautiful yet custom looks to enhance natural beauty – which includes understanding each type of curl type available – for instance: J Curl is considered natural. At our salons our artists learn these techniques to craft beautiful looks tailored specifically for them and each client.

lash extension curl types
lash extension curl types

Here is our take on Lash Extension Curl Types:

1. J Curl: The Natural Lift

It is ideal for clients seeking subtle yet natural-looking eyelash enhancement. This style mimics the curve of natural eyelashes and flatters all types of lashes, from straight to slightly curled ones.

2. B Curl: Soft Curve

It provides a gentle lift, creating an understated yet feminine appearance. It is ideal for clients with moderately curled natural lashes. It brings elegance without appearing dramatic.

3. C Curl (Classic Curve).

  • One of the most popular choices for a timeless, classic look.
  • Provides a noticeable lift, opening up the eyes.
  • Perfect for clients with naturally curved eyelashes seeking a glamorous effect.


4. D Curl: 

For an eye-opening effect with long eyelashes. With this classic and timelessly elegant style comes an eye-opening lift that opens up the eyes. It is ideal for clients with naturally curled eyelashes searching for glamorous flare.

Adds intense lift and drama for an eye-catching style, ideal for clients with naturally curled eyelashes who wish to add dramatic dimension. Creates more of an impactful, eye-catching effect.

5. L Curl: Luxurious Look

It is ideal for clients with natural eyelashes that point downward. Provides an impressive, lifted appearance that opens the eyes.

Perfect for creating the doll-like and wide-eyed appearance desired.

Selecting the Appropriate Curl

Succinctly selecting lash extension curl types requires careful assessment of client features such as natural eyelashes, eye shape, and desired style. At The Lash Professional, They provide a selection of premium quality extensions in different shapes to allow our experts to custom tailor designs specifically tailored to meet customer’s specifications and meet expectations.

lash extension curl types
lash extension curl types


Mastering the art of lash extension curl types is an amazing journey that transforms eyelash enhancement into an expressive art form. At Glamoreeyelashes, our mission is to equip artists with all the tools and knowledge required to craft stunning looks with each set of lashes they have! Browse through our premium products to elevate your lash artistry! Each curl tells its tale, and using Glamoreeyelashes can help craft unique narratives!

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