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How to Remove Individual Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extensions have quickly become a trendy beauty trend, giving individuals fuller and luxurious lashes without needing mascara. Unfortunately, however, wearing strip lashes or individual extensions will eventually require removal safely and comfortably, thus prompting this guide of techniques and best practices for safely taking off individual extensions in order to answer the question “how can i remove individual lashes?.”

Understanding Individual Lash Extensions

Individual lash extensions are made up of tiny synthetic or mink hairs attached securely with adhesive to your natural lashes, providing length and volume while still looking natural. After some time has passed, they may be removed for various reasons such as wanting a different look or going back to nature.

When should individual Lashes Be Cut Off?

There may come times when knowing how to remove individual eyelashes becomes necessary for you.

  1. Allergic Reactions: Should an adhesive or eyelash extension cause allergic reactions or cause irritation, for safety or comfort reasons it must be removed in order to restore comfort and ensure safety.
  2. Special Occasions: Some individuals choose to have eyelash extensions only during special events and occasions and then remove them afterwards.
  3. Maintenance and Touch-Ups: For proper care of extensions, regular maintenance requires fills and touch-ups involving removal of existing ones prior to attaching new extensions. These regular visits require tools and supplies designed specifically for taking away lash extensions (Tools for Removing Lash Extensions).


How to remove individual lash extensions
How to remove individual lash extensions


Follow these steps for safe and effective removal of individual eyelashes.

Lash Glue Remover: Our Lash Glue Remover has been specifically created for eyelash extensions. 

Cotton pads or applicators

This may be used directly on eyelashes in order to apply this remover directly and apply any excess. 

Oil-Free Makeup Remover:

Used to clean eyelash extensions off after removal and provide an efficient method for cleansing eye area post extension removal. 

Create a Safe, Comfortable Work Space:

When setting up a work area, ensure ample lighting and clean surfaces so as to work comfortably and peacefully.

How to Take Off Individual Lashes (Individual Eyelashes)

Follow these steps for safe and practical ways of extracting individual eyelash extensions:

  1. Prepare Your Work Area

To create the optimal working environment, ensure you have adequate lighting and mirror to observe eyelashes properly.

  1. Begin With Clean Lashes

Oil-free makeup remover can assist your eyelashes and surrounding area in being freed of makeup, oils or debris that would prevent an adhesive remover from functioning effectively.

  1. Apply Adhesive Remover

To apply adhesive remover effectively, saturate a cotton pad or applicator with enough liquid that it won’t run into your eyes and damage them further. Gently apply it at the point where natural and extension lashes meet for best results.

  1. Allow The Adhesive Removers To Do Their Work

Allow adhesive remover the time and space to dissolve your eyelash extension glue; this could take several minutes – be patient!

  1. Gently Install Extensions in Their Place

Carefully unclip extensions from natural eyelashes using a microfiber brush or spoolie starting at the outer corner and moving inward. Don’t pull or tug as this could further damage them and increase damage risk.

  1. Repeat as Required

You may need to repeat this process for each extension if the adhesive doesn’t disintegrate completely the first time around, taking your time so as to ensure complete removal. Take your time in performing this step-by-step task for best results.

7.Clean and Soothe:

Once all extensions have been removed, use an oil-free makeup remover to thoroughly clean and soothe your eyelashes and eye area in order to rid any adhesive residue left from the extensions and soothe any sore spots or irritation. Doing this regularly may even help ward off infections!

  1. Secure Natural Lashes to Preserve their Beauty

After taking off individual eyelash extensions, it’s vital that your natural lashes receive proper care and maintenance. Consider investing in serums designed specifically to promote healthy eyelashes growth as this will support optimal lash growth.


Safely unapplying eyelash extensions is an essential skill for eyelash extension enthusiasts and essential in maintaining healthy natural lashes or changing up a look, whether that means maintaining natural or adding extensions. Follow this guide’s steps and precautions and soon enough you will have beautiful, natural-looking lashes again!

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