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How to Fix Lashes with Bonding Glue?

The bonding glue used to hold them can sometimes cause problems. This step-by-step guide will show you how to fix lashes with bonding glue, regardless of whether there is a mishap or a loose corner.

Examine the Situation

Take a minute to examine the situation before attempting how to fix lashes with bonding glue. It could be a small lift in the corner, a complete separation or even a misplaced lash. It is important to understand the problem in order to determine the most effective course of action.

Gather Your Resources

To fix it, you’ll need to have a couple of tools handy:

  • Use a pair of tweezers or an application tool for lashes
  • Q-tips, or micro brushes
  • Makeup removers that are oil-free or use Micellar Water
  • A new adhesive is optional if your old one has stopped working.

Remove Lashs with Care

Remove your detached lash with tweezers, or use a lash application tool. Be careful not to damage the band of lashes or any individual lashes.

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Purify the area

Use a Q tip or micro brush to apply micellar or oil-free makeup removal. To remove the remaining adhesive, gently swipe it down along the lash line. Make sure the area is free of makeup and dirt.

Apply Adhesive (If Needed)

You may have to apply adhesive if the glue that bonds your eyelash strips has dried out or if you are repairing a lifted corner. Apply a thin layer of adhesive along the entire lash strip. Please wait for the adhesive to get sticky before continuing.

Replacing the Lash

Use tweezers to insert the lash into its original position carefully. Start by aligning the centre of the lash with the natural lash line, then press gently down on the edges. Be patient and ensure that all of the lash bands are attached evenly.

Keep and Set

After reattaching the eyelash, press gently along the line of the lash with the fingertips or back of the tweezers. This improves the adhesion of the eyelash. The adhesive will solidify if you hold it for several minutes.

Final Touches

Once you have secured the eyelash, double-check it. Make sure it’s comfortable and that the lash lays flat along your lashline. Gently blend your fake and natural lashes if needed.

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Maintenance Tips

Avoid future glue bonding mishaps by following these strategies:

  • Be careful not to let the glue touch your skin.
  • Do not use oil-based makeup near your eyelashes as it may damage the adhesive.
  • Avoid hurting your fake or real lashes by removing them from their outer corners.

Bottom line

It may seem difficult to understand how to fix lashes with bonding glue, but it’s possible with the right equipment and knowledge. You can restore your fluttery eyelashes by analyzing your problem and washing the area. For a perfect lash look, patience is key!

Sam Smith
Sam Smith
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