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How to Apply Lashes with Hair Bonding Glue?

Hair bonding adhesive is a surprising alternative to traditional lash glues. While it might seem unusual at first glance, this glue can provide a strong grip on your fake teeth if applied correctly. Here’s a step-by-step method for how to apply lashes with hair-bonding glue while assuring a perfect application without jeopardizing safety.

Can You Use Bond Glue for Lashes?

Bond adhesive or glue for eyelashes is perfect for novice lash technicians. The special formulation allows you to work at your own pace and provides a connection that lasts up to four weeks.

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How to Apply Lashes with Hair Bonding Glue?

Before applying, ensure your eyelids have been cleaned and are free of makeup or residue. Trim your lashes so that they match the shape of your eyes. They should be short and comfortable for a natural look.

Test Patch

As a test patch, apply a small amount of the hair-bonding adhesive to your wrist. Wait 24 hours before confirming that there is no reaction.

Applying Glue

Apply the glue by squeezing a small amount onto a surface that is clean or on your hand. Use a small brush or toothpick to apply a thin and even coating on the band of lashes. Avoid sloppy applications by not applying too much adhesive.

Allow Adhesive To Tack

Allow the adhesive to become sticky between 30 and 1 minute. It is important to adhere the glue properly.


Use tweezers to carefully place the eyelashes along your natural lashline. Hold them in position for a couple of seconds and press gently.


After the lashes have been placed, make any necessary modifications to ensure that they sit comfortably and equally along your lashline.

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The conclusion:

Understanding How to apply lashes with hair bonding glue is a skill that requires patience and accuracy. With proper preparation, careful application and respecting safety regulations, this procedure is a reliable option for those who want a long-lasting and strong grip on their false lashes. Safety is the priority. Make a test patch before you apply adhesive to sensitive areas such as your eyes.

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