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How to Apply Magnetic Lashes?

Falsies are magnetic eyelashes. Since its launch, makeup experts have praised its easy application. You need to know how to apply magnetic lashes to look like a professional!

Beauty and cosmetics enthusiasts are increasingly turning to magnetic lashes. They are popular because they’re easy to apply and produce natural results. However, learning how to apply magnetic lashes might initially appear difficult.

Glamoreeyelashes  demonstrates a method to apply magnetic lashes with ease.

Are Magnetic Lashes Easy to Apply?

You can apply magnetic eyelashes in just two seconds. Understanding what magnetic eyelashes are and how they work is important.

The lashes are magnetic and have small magnets embedded in them. They adhere to the natural lashes, unlike other fake lashes, which require glue to hold them in place. The design is more comfortable to wear and does not require sticky adhesive.

How to Apply Magnetic Lashes?

Take care not to damage the magnets. Take the magnet lashes carefully out of their packaging. To make the application easier, bend the bands of the magnetic lashes to follow the curves on your eyelids.

Trim, If Necessary!

If the magnetic eyelashes are too long, you can trim them with a pair of tiny scissors. You must trim the magnetic lashes from the outer border to preserve the natural tapering.

Apply Mascara Optionally

Before using magnetic lashes, some people use mascara on their natural lashes to add volume. The phase is optional and depends on your personal preference.

Setting Up the Upper Lash

The magnets should be placed as close to the natural lashes as possible. Move down the lashline with care, starting with your top lash. Gently press down to force magnets into place.

Lower Lashes

Once you have placed the upper lash in the desired position, align the lower lash to your lower lash so that the magnets can easily be attached. Take your time to ensure symmetry and correct alignment.

Last-Minute Details

Once the upper and bottom lashes have been firmly placed, use your fingertips to run along the bands of the lashes. This will ensure that they remain firmly in position. You can use a curler to blend your magnetic and natural lashes seamlessly.

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Bottom line

It takes practice to get perfect at learning how to apply magnetic lashes. Even if the results aren’t perfect, keep going. With practice and time, applying magnetic lashes becomes second nature. Spend money on magnetic lashes to get the best results. Cheaper alternatives may not adhere as well and last as long. Choose the perfect magnetic lashes by experimenting with different lengths and styles.

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Sam Smith
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