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How to Put on Eyeliner with Lash Extensions?

The lashes look fuller and more fluttery without having to apply mascara each day. Many people worry about how to put on eyeliner with lash extensions. With a few tips, you can enhance the look of your eyes without compromising your lash extension.

We’ll show you how to put on eyeliner with lash extensions, so it won’t ruin the lush voluminous appearance of your captivating eyes!

Prepare for the Best Experience

Before applying eyeliner, make sure that your eyes and lashes have been cleaned and are dry. Use a mild makeup remover that is oil-free to remove any oil or residue. Dry the lashes completely to maintain their integrity.

How to Put on Eyeliner with Lash Extensions
How to Put on Eyeliner with Lash Extensions – Glamoreeyelashes

Choose Eyeliner Formulas Wisely

Oil-based eyeliner formulas can damage the glue that holds lashes together, causing premature shedding. The use of gel or liquid eyeliners that have a small brush tip is ideal for precision without straining the lashes. You can use pen eyeliners, but make sure they are softened and sharpened to ensure a perfect application.

Technique Is Important

Start by holding your eyelid tightly to ensure a smoother application. Use your pinky to balance yourself while you draw a line. Start at the inner corner and move outward with small strokes. Remember that less is always more! You can draw attention to the eyes with a small line without overdoing your lash extensions.

Remove with Care

Use micellar or oil-free makeup removers to remove your eyeliner. Gently wipe or push a cotton pad or swab along the lashline without rubbing. This will protect both your extensions as well as your natural lashes.

What to consider when choosing an eyeliner style?

For a modest look, a fine, tight line above the upper lashline is ideal. Try a cat-eye or winged design to create a dramatic look. Make sure that the eyeliner doesn’t come in direct contact with the extensions to preserve their life.

Precision with Lash Line Instruments

It may seem difficult to apply eyeliner along the lower lashline with extensions but it’s possible. Use a soft pencil eyeliner or a fine-tipped brush to apply powder eyeshadow for a softer look. Apply lightly and focus on the outer half to avoid contact with extensions.

Sprinkle a translucent setting dust over your eyeliner to prevent it from transferring or smudging onto your lash extension. This will help to hold the eyeliner without interfering with the lash adhesive.

The conclusion of the article is:

With a few precautions, you can learn how to put on eyeliner with lash extensions when using lash extensions. Be sure to use oil-free formulas, be precise, and take care when applying or removing cosmetic products. These professional techniques will enhance the appearance of your eyelashes while maintaining their attractiveness.

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