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Eyelash Extension Tips for Summer

Lashes and summer are among our most-loved things. In the summer, when you can fully enjoy the warmth and sunny sun, we think it’s safe to say the summer season is now fully underway!

There’s no way to have satisfying extensions for our lashes and summer is here! For us, summer is lengthy, sunny days spending them outside, either relaxing by the lake, pool or the river. Warm nights spent around the barbecue, grill or bonfires, as well as the occasional weekend camping out with your family and friends. What’s not to like about the summer months?

The experienced team of Glamoreeyelashes believes that the development and increasing popularity of lash extensions is among of the perfect trending trends in the beauty world that’s staying. One reason why us, as well as our customers are so in love with lashes is the fact that they’re a minimal upkeep choice that allows you to “get up and go” without much or any extra make-up required. There’s never been a time when we were as satisfied to let go of the annoying running mascara like we are now when the sun is out and things start to heat up!

It is important to bear the fact that your lashes might require some different level of care in order to cope with the heat of summer. There are many questions you may ask such as, “How will the heat impact my eyelashes? Or “Can you go swimming with lash extensions?” Let’s look at some tips for extensions which will benefit answer these questions and benefit to maintain your beautiful extension lashes all through summer.

5 Extension Tips For Fabulous Summer Lashes

We love summer, but however, it’s a challenge to figure out how to desirable keep your extensions in good condition. This is why we’ve put together a list of the excellent extensions techniques to protect your lashes and keep them beautiful for longer.

Swimming with Lashes

One of our favourite ways to cool off the heat of summer is by heading to the swimming pool! Perhaps you’re wondering “Can you swim with lash extensions?” The easy answer is Yes! The chlorine as well as saltwater may affect retention. This means that if you’re at a swimming pool, lake or even the ocean, we suggest rinsing using fresh water after swimming and combing the lashes using an disposable lash wand or gently patting (not rub!) the lashes dry in order to eliminate the excess water. Maintaining them dry and clean can prolong the lifespan of your gorgeous mascara!

Avoid Direct Heat

Although we all love basking in the sunshine of summer but the heat that the sun brings could be harmful to the extensions of your lashes. The exposure of your lashes to intense heat could “relax” the curl, or worse, even can cause lashes to singe! While grilling or reclining near the warm campfire warrant that you don’t sit too closely or directly above the flame to maintain your lashes healthy and stunning!

Summer = More Sweat

It’s almost impossible to walk around the beach without sweating. The problem is that sweat contains naturally-derived oils from the skin, which can get through your eyes, affecting the retention of your lashes. We at Glamoreeyelashes, we are convinced of the advantages from exercise as well as “sweating it out.” But, in order to minimize the impact of sweat on your lashes we advise with an ointment or sweatband while working out. When you are in extreme situations of sweat (such such as yoga hot) make sure to wash your lashes following a workout using fresh water.

Keep Your Lashes Clean

Being outside more — camping, hiking, swimming, etc. may result in an boost in dirt and other debris that collects within your eyelashes. We suggest keeping your extensions in good condition by gently washing them during the shower, and permitting the water to flow through. If you want to get them cleaner look at with the foaming eyelash cleanser and a super soft eyelash extension brushes frequently. This tip for extending your lashes will keep your lashes looking clean and clean for a longer period of time.

Applying Sunscreen

The last, but definitely not the final extension point is about taking care of your skin! We are adamant about applying sunscreen. It’s a must for any of your most-loved summer-time activities. But, it’s important to remember that many brands of sunscreen have oils in them that could cause excessive lash loss. Take special care while applying SPF, avoiding the area around your eyes and let it absorb before going swimming or sweating.

Get a gorgeous summer-ready look with Glamoreeyelashes 

With lash extensions, it’s now easier than ever to keep active and participate in the variety of summer sports and still feel beautiful and ready for a photo shoot at any time! We at Glamoreeyelashes wants you and your customers to experience the advantages of a gorgeous hairstyle during the summer months. Get in touch with us today to find out more about the ways to create and keep the ideal eyelash style for long days at the beach!

We, on Glamoreeyelashes We wish that you enjoy a safe and healthy this summer!


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