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Can I wash my eyelash extensions after 24 hours?

Eyelash extensions have become an increasingly popular way for those wanting longer and fuller lashes without needing mascara or curlers to achieve that desired result. But after getting lash extensions, it can often leave people asking: Can I wash my eyelash extensions after 24 hours? The proper care of eyelash extension maintenance and when and how best to clean them.

Initial 24-Hour Period

After receiving eyelash extensions, they must remain away from moisture or water for 24 hours after application. At this stage, the adhesive is still curing and setting, and any direct exposure to water could weaken their bond and cause them to fall out earlier than planned. Therefore, restricting exposure during this initial period is vital to prolonging their longevity and ensuring you achieve long-lasting lash extensions.

Can I wash my eyelash extensions after 24 hours? – Details 

Once the initial 24-hour period has passed, you can safely wash your lash extensions. Maintaining a clean lash line is vital to preserving natural eyelash health as well as prolonging the longevity of wings – but take caution and follow any recommended methods when doing this to avoid damaging them or prompting premature removal.

Proper Eyelash Extension Cleaning Procedure

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to safely and effectively clean eyelash extensions:

  1. Collect Your Supplies

To successfully clean extensions, the following supplies will be necessary: For optimal lash care, an oil-free eyelash cleanser, a soft and lint-free brush (such as a spoolie or mascara wand), clean cloths or pads without lint, and warm water should all be necessary components.

  1. Commence makeup removal

Before cleaning extensions, it’s a wise move to use an oil-free makeup remover and a cotton pad to gently cleanse away all eye makeup residue.

  1. Make Ready the Lash Cleanser

Add a small amount of eyelash cleanser to a small bowl of warm water and mix gently, creating an effective yet safe extension solution.

  1. Dip Your Brush

Dip a soft, lint-free brush (such as a spoolie or mascara wand) in the diluted eyelash cleanser solution until it becomes damp but not wet; make sure it does not drip!

  1. Gently Clean the Lashes

While keeping your eyes closed, use a brush to apply diluted cleanser to your lashes. Beginning from the base, slowly move upward towards the tips. Care should be taken not to press too hard or pull on them; upper and lower lash lines should be thoroughly cleansed for best results.

  1. Rinse and Pat Dry

After cleansing, use a clean, damp cloth or makeup pad to carefully wipe away cleanser from your eyelashes before rinsing with water and patting dry with another clean, dry cloth.

  1. Comb Your Lashes

Use a spoolie brush or mascara wand to comb through your lashes to ensure they dry correctly and maintain their shape.

How Often Should Eyelash Extensions Be Cleaned?

Cleaning eyelash extensions regularly is essential to the longevity and health of both wings and natural lashes. Experts advise cleaning them every 2-3 days to remove dirt, makeup residue, and excess oil that accumulates from being worn over time – this ensures less chance of infections or irritation issues in the future.

Tips for Proper Eyelash Extension Care

As well as maintaining eyelash extensions properly, here are some essential tips for prolonging their longevity and your satisfaction:

  1. Avoid Oil-Based Products

Oil-based makeup removers and skincare products may reduce the adhesive bond between extensions and your body, prompting faster loss. Opting for oil-free alternatives is best to maintain strong bonds.

  1. Take care

Be gentle when handling eyelash extensions. Avoid rubbing your eyes, pulling at them, or using harsh makeup removal techniques.

It provides many advantages, and one key one is that they do not need mascara anymore. Indeed, using mascara may clump and damage extensions; therefore, it is wise to forgo using it entirely.

  1. Avoid Eyelash Curlers

Eyelash curlers should be avoided as they can damage extensions and natural lashes. They already come equipped with curls designed to give a beautiful shape.

  1. Keep Up Regular Fils

They have their natural growth cycle, and to maintain complete and even coverage, it is recommended to receive refill appointments every 2-4 weeks. During a refill appointment, any lost extensions will be replaced, ensuring that your lashes always look their best!

Do you wait over 24 hrs to get lashes wet?

It depends on the type of glue they use. Some glues recommend 12 hours, but we always recommend waiting 24 hours. Our clients have been having lashes done for 7-8 years.

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