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What Not to Do with Lash Extensions?

The lashes can enhance your natural beauty by giving you a fluttery and luxurious appearance that lasts for several weeks. To maintain their beauty and durability, you must pay constant attention to them and avoid any mistakes. You must first consider the factors that list what not to do with lash extensions.

Here’s an easy guide to what not to do with lash keep them looking fresh and attractive.

Avoiding patch tests

Prioritize a patch test before attempting to use lash extensions. This is the best way to detect any allergic reactions. The patch test involves placing a small amount of glue behind the ears or on the arms for 24 hours and then watching for adverse effects. You may experience pain, redness, or severe allergic reactions if you do not perform this test.

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Pulling or Rubbing

Avoid the urge to pull or massage them. This is one of the golden rules of lash extension. It is normal to touch your eyes, but rubbing and pulling can lead to premature shedding of the extensions as well as damage your natural lashes. Avoid excessive strain by using gentle downward movements, particularly when cleaning or removing make-up.

Use of oil-based products

Avoid using makeup removers or other skincare products that contain oil. Oils can cause the adhesive to break down, which will allow the extensions to come off sooner. Use mild, oil-free cleansers, makeup removers, and lash extension cleaners.

Try DIY Removal

Removing lash extensions at your home is not recommended. It may seem tempting to pull them out when they start to fall, but this could harm your natural lashes. Professional lash removal is a delicate and safe technique to keep your lashes healthy.

Neglecting regular maintenance

To keep your lashes looking great, you will need to maintain them regularly. A few touch-ups can result in sparse or uneven lashes that will undermine the overall look. Follow the instructions provided by your specialist to maintain a consistent and flawless look.

Face-Down Sleeping

If you sleep on your stomach or face down, your lashes may bend or fall prematurely. Sleep on your back to avoid friction, and to protect your lash extension quality.

The Bottom Line

In conclusion to what not to do with lash extensions, the secret to showcasing beautiful lash extensions is to practice careful maintenance and avoid these typical hazards. Avoiding these mistakes will ensure that your lashes are beautiful and long-lasting. They’ll also enhance your appearance without compromising your health.

Sam Smith
Sam Smith
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