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How to Use Bond and Seal Lash Glue?

To anchor your enticing eyelashes, you need to know how to use bond and seal lash glue. It is hard to deny the appeal of a fluttering lash.

To achieve that captivating appearance, you must use an adhesive such as bond and seal eyelash glue. How to use bond and seal lash glue?

What is Bond and Seal Lash glue?

The bond and seal glues work well together to apply fake lashes. It is important to apply the bond glue first, as this will keep your fake lashes close to natural lash lines. The glue is designed to provide a comfortable grip while maintaining a stronghold.

Sealer, on the other hand, is an extra layer that adds durability, gloss and a seal.

Do You Use Bond or Seal First?

Use the application tweezers and pull out each piece from the tray. Insert them at the base of the lashes. Finish with the Glamoreeyelashes collection seal.

Prepare for a successful application

Before beginning, make sure that your lashes and makeup are free. The glue will adhere to the lash easily with this step. Cut the artificial eyelashes according to your eye shape and measure them. This will give you a more natural appearance.

Bond Lash Glue: How to Use It

Start by applying a small amount of Bond lash adhesive to the band. The thin, uniform layer will provide a strong connection and prevent extra adhesive from seeping into your natural eyelashes. Wait around 30 seconds before proceeding to the second step.

Applicant Procedure

Use a tweezer or applicator to gently place the false lashes along your natural lash line. Start by connecting the centre of the band, and then secure the edges for a seamless blend with your natural eyelashes. Press the lashes gently into place to allow the adhesive to bond.

Get the Deal Done!

Seal lash adhesive should be applied after the false lashes are securely positioned. Sealants should be applied to the tops and sides of fake eyelashes. This will strengthen the adhesive, provide a shiny surface, and improve its appearance.

The Bottom Line

Mastering how to use bond and seal lash glue is a talent that enriches the art of beauty enhancement. With careful preparation, flawless application, and gentle removal, you can achieve beautiful, long-lasting eyelash extensions.

Sam Smith
Sam Smith
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