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Eyelash Growth Cycles: A Guide for Lash Artists

For us as lash artists, dropping lashes isn’t the only desire we have! Did you know it is actually normal to shed lashes often throughout the growth of our eyelashes? This is right, every couple of months, we develop a brand new set of stunning natural, healthy lashes! If you’re curious about the process behind this growth cycle and how to promote natural, healthy lashes through this time We’ve got your back. We’re hoping you’re eager to take on the challenge because classes are back in session!

Eyelash Growth Cycles

Do you want to learn about biology Are you ready for a lesson on biology, ladies? Here’s the complete rundown of cycle of growth in your eyelashes. In any moment the eyelashes of your are in three different phases which are Anagen, Catagen, or Telogen. Let’s glance at each and how they impact developing those gorgeous natural eyelashes that we’ve all hoped for.

Anagen Phase

It is the Anagen phase, also referred to as the active growth phase is when your eyelashes start to grow. The natural lashes in your eye are with an abundance of blood to support their development during this phase of the growth cycle for your eyelashes. A small percentage of your eyelashes will be during this stage at a period, which is the reason the lashes are still sporting their gorgeous appearance. Anagen is a phase that Anagen period can last between 4 and 10 weeks, giving your lashes time to develop to their maximum potential.

Catagen Phase

In the Catagen phase of the cycle of growth the eyelashes are at their maximum length. They stop developing by shrinking the follicle, and separating from the source of energy. They will remain in this phase of transition approximately for a couple of weeks prior to transitioning to the next phase of the growth cycle for eyelashes.

However, if a lash loses its luster or disappears during the catagen phase of the cycle, it cannot regenerate until the process ends, at which point the Anagen phase starts again. This is why eyelash artists need to be extremely cautious with eyelashes, as we can’t tell the moment they’re going through this stage!

Telogen Phase

The final stage of your eyelash development cycle is when your lashes spend their last few days until the Anagen phase starts again. The Telogen phase lasts around four to eight weeks. In this phase of shedding, the newly developed natural eyelashes slowly drop out of your hair follicles to allow room for the new eyelashes. If you find your eyelashes fall out by themselves, do not worry! This is just the Telogen stage working its magic.

Tips for Growing Healthy Eyelashes

Whether you’re attempting to build your own gorgeous natural lashes or you’re looking to give tips to your clients We have some most-loved tips and tricks for creating long, beautiful eyes during the growth cycle of natural hair!

Invest in a Lash Serum

It’s always a good idea to give our lashes some benefit to benefit them grow! The purchase of an eyelash serum or providing the premium lash product to your customers can benefit promote beautiful lashes all through the cycle of growth. What is the Golden Rule when it comes to serum for lashes? You should are aware of what’s contained in serum! If you would not apply it to the lashes of your own, you shouldn’t be letting your clients together the same product. Find out the accurate products for eyelash serum and know when you should use the product prior to applying.

Avoid Rubbing or Pulling on Lashes

It is impossible to know which growth stage your lashes are currently in. The most important thing is not to cause damage to your lashes, or lose your lashes by doing too much damage to the natural eyelashes! Be careful not to make any rough movements on your natural eyelashes for example, rubbing away the makeup or tugging on the eyelashes while applying the cream.

Thoroughly Remove Makeup

When we refer to completely, we mean gentle! The buildup of makeup in your eyelashes could hinder the development of your natural lashes and the cycle of growth necessary for them to function properly. It’s true that you’re awed by using mascara for an eye-catching nighttime look; however, make sure you remove it after the last supper of your night before your head goes to sleep!

Follow All Lash Aftercare Steps

We are lash experts and know how to take good care of natural lashes and eyelash extensions! However, sometimes our customers may need some help managing their newly created extensions. We’ve created a printable lash guide that you could distribute to your clients! This template explains the eyelash cycle and provides perfect methods to ensure your eyelashes are happy and healthy!

Clients rely on you to be knowledgeable So, hopefully this guide to growing your eyelashes will benefit to explain the reasons why caring for the natural appearance of your lashes is essential! Want to know about everything lash related? Take a look at our Eyelash Extension Classes for a chance to become the most experienced lash-babe around!

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