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Best Lash Lift Kit + How Tos, Costs, and Promoting Lifts

Imagine getting an upscale beauty treatment in the privacy in your bathroom! You don’t need to think about it for longer as lash lift kits are available, which makes achieving curly lashes more easily than ever. Kits for lifting lashes contain everything needed for pampering at home such as lotions, serums, pads, brushes and other tools that are required to apply and detailed instructions to benefit you effortlessly recreate that salon-style look with no expense.

Glamoreeylashes‘s accurate lash lift kit an all-in-one solution for people who want to boost volume, length and curly to natural lashes but without harming their natural lashes. The perfect Lash Lift Kit comes with everything you need to achieve well-qualified results and also as an extensive set of instructions to ensure you are able to apply the procedure safely and effectively.

What Is a Lash Lift?

The lash lift procedure is a permanent cosmetic treatment that uses different methods to curl eyelashes, giving them a longer, enhanced appearance. The method used to curl your lashes involves no force or heat and will not damage your eyelashes. Additionally, it will not cause them to lose their shape, as users fear about conventional methods of curling.

Will a Lash Lift Destroy Lashes?

No, a lash lift won’t destroy your lashes. It’s because the products for lash lifting from Glamoreeylashes use gentle techniques to curl and shape the lashes. Since it does not use either force or heat it is more likely that the lashes getting damaged is extremely low. Furthermore, TLP’s lash lifting kits come with a guide that explains excellent techniques for the application as well as aftercare for the lifting lash.

What’s In a Lash Lift Kit?

Every kit comes with everything you need to get the perfect ingredients to offer your best, most desirable outcome. Glamoreeylashes’s kit for lifting lashes includes a lifting cream that perms, moisturizing makeup serums, setting lotions, and pads that protect the delicate eye region. Also included are straight brushes to make application easy and detailed directions to ensure you can get your excellent outcome.

Lash artists use the kits to create lasting eye makeup that, with a skilled application, can last up to eight weeks. Lash lifts impart subtle enhancements to the eyes, making their appearance more open and fresh without the need to apply mascara or any other product. They are also perfect for people who have difficulty applying eye makeup because of allergies.

How Much Does a Lash Lift Cost?

The lash lift kits offered by Glamoreeylashes are affordable and favour professional outcomes. The excellent Lash lift kit costs $125. It contains the following items as well as tools for lamination of the brows:


  • Step 1 Solution
  • Step 2 Solution
  • Step 3 Solution
  • Lift Adhesive
  • Small Rods
  • Medium Rods
  • Large Rods
  • Precision Tweezer
  • Micro brushes
  • 10 Eyepads
  • Clear Wrap
  • 50 Lash Brushes

You can also check the pricing and other details for products for lash lifting if you wish to buy them separately.

How To Promote Lash Lifts To Clients

Lifts for lashes are getting more well-known because they’re a low-maintenance and long-lasting method of enhancing the appearance of your eyes. Here are some suggestions for marketing lash lift potential and current clients:

  • Instruct them on the process: Remind them the reasons why lifting lashes brings fantastic outcomes without effort and without causing damage to the eyes.
  • Discuss the cost savings: The Lash Lift is an affordable choice over eyelash extensions and can last as long as eight weeks, which is a bargain.
  • Note how the client will feel the experience: Customers will appreciate how their eyes appear wide-open and fresh without the need for mascara or other eye makeup.
  • Define the perfect post-care practices: Educating customers on the perfect ways to care for them can benefit clients and accomplish lasting outcomes.
  • Make special offers Lifts for the lashes can be a fantastic opportunity to market your service through discounts or other special offers. You can, for instance, provide a complementary nourishing serum in conjunction with each lash lift.

An excellent method to advertise the lash lifts you offer and make clients enthusiastic about the payoff is to showcase the payoff of your superb results. A display of photos taken before/after or portfolios of clients with lash lifts can be a fantastic opportunity to display the outcome they can achieve using a professional application.


If you’re a novice or skilled lash artist in search of an excellent lash lift tool, Glamoreeylashes offers everything you require to begin. Explore our site to find out details about the desirable kit for lifting lashes and other accessories that can benefit you and actually achieve stunning outcomes.

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