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3 Types of Eyelash Extensions

Hey, lash stylists! How’s your day been? I’m sure you’ve been cutting eyelashes all over the place. This week, we’ll talk about three types of extensions for your eyelashes. You’re saying? There are more than one kind of eyelash extensions? Yes, it is. There are several alternatives to eyelash extensions that to pick from when looking for eyelashes.

This article will look at the differentiators between mink, silk and fake mink eyelash extensions kinds. Each one has advantages however it’s hard to determine which kind of eyelash extension will be perfect for both you as well as your customers. No worries! We’re here to benefit you out, baby.

Best Types of Eyelash Extensions

Perhaps you’re thinking “What are the accurate types of eyelash extensions?”. We at Lash Professional has you covered! Here are three perfect varieties of eyelash extensions, as well as their benefits for each. There are occasions where you’ll use all three to fulfill a particular need. Find out more about these kinds of extensions for your eyelashes.

Silk Lash Extensions

Silk eyelash extensions are highly sought-after eyelash extension feature. One of the greatest advantages of them is that they’re among the least expensive kinds of eyelash extensions available that are available.

If you’re client isn’t a fan of the look of natural eyelashes Silk extension lashes are the perfect choice. The extra weight they carry provides more impressive outcome over other kinds of extensions for eyelashes. They’re more substantial than other choices and therefore are evident.

Our hearts are filled with sassy, silky lashes However, these must be used only be put on people who have natural lashes that are strong and sturdy as thick extensions equal weighty mascara. We’ve already learned that the excessive weight of extensions could harm natural lashes. Don’t not forget to suggest an lash development serum for your customers to ensure the condition of the natural eyelashes. This isn’t a break!

Mink Lash Extensions

Eyelash extensions made of mink are made out of real mink hair. They are believed to be the creature’s tiny hairs can be removed through brushing. If you’re trying to go to go for a vegan or animal-free lifestyle then we recommend you keep far from genuine mink eyelash extensions.

Be careful not to smuggle your pearls to much over this. However, mink eyelashes are among the highest priced extensions available which means that your customers will have to pay anywhere up to $500 or $300 for the entire set according the Emily McClure from Bustle. We believe in providing high-quality service at an affordable price, which allows us to cater to many customers as well as minik eyelash extensions may be quite expensive!

The mink lash extensions are of the highest quality and give an amazing voluminous eyelash style, but you’ll need be aware of whether they’re affordable for you. If cost isn’t an issue to you or your customers Mink lash extensions can be a great high-quality eyelash extensions choice.

The following type of lash extension our favorite, and it will offer you the mink lash look with less effort!

Faux Mink Lash Extensions

Glamoreeyelashes believe faux mink eyelash extensions are the best way to go.

faux mink extensions can be compared in terms of cost and price as silk extensions, however they’re made from polyester which is more flexible than silk. Additionally, they’re light in comparison to silk extensions.

The lashes are soft, easy to wear, and come in various sizes and curl styles. They create the appearance of a 3D multi-layered appearance we enjoy! And, the accurate part is that there’s not any mink. Find out about cruelty-free and vegan and comrade.

Create a natural look for your lashes and at a low cost with these types of eyelash extensions. If you love the appearance of genuine mink lash extensions, try faux mink lashes an attempt.

You can see that you will find pros and cons for any type of eyelash extension. Consider the advantages to determine the opportunity is excellent for both you as well as your customers.

Shop for Eyelash Extensions

Now that you’ve mastered the various kinds of eyelash extensions available are you aware of the type you’re planning to purchase? If you’re searching for high-end faux mink extensions at low prices (and adorable branding) Visit Glamoreeyelashes’s eyelash shop. Did you know that we offer already-made volume lashes available in several lengths? You must be thinking, how cool isn’t it? Also, don’t overlook our extensions tools for your eyelashes such as stone, pillows, tape and much others!

If you’ve read the entirety of our blog posts, but you want to read even more, make sure to head on our channel, where Certified Bad B*tch Vanessa shares her expertise on everything eyelashes. This is how I help you get started. Click play below on the video!

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