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False eyelashes


<h1>False eyelashes</h1><h2>Know what type of false lash you need</h2>

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<p> There are several types of false lashes, each designed for a specific situation.</p>
<p>Designer falsies are probably the most common form of fake eyelash used by women today. These types of falsies aim to create a mature look that appeals to the sophisticated eye. </p>
<p>These types of falsies require a lot of practice to use and learn before you consider them experts. It is best to work with someone who knows how to apply this type of false lash so that you can get comfortable with it. </p>
<p>Consider visiting a professional website or looking into <em>taking online classes</em> to gain knowledge about applying these. If you do not <em>feel confident enough</em> to try applying your own falsie, then do not worry! You can purchase some kits at your <em>local beauty store</em>. </p>
<p>There are <em>many websites offering free tutorials</em> because they want you to be successful in applying their product. Do some research and choose one that you like!</p><h2>Hold the base of the false lash between your fingers</h2>
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<p> Most people hold their eyelids together at the outer corners with light pressure to create an illusion of more lashes. This is because when you check yourself in the mirror, it seems like you have two lashes there. </p>
<p>The trick is to shake off the fear that you’re not beautiful enough or good enough to be chosen as someone’s girlfriend, wife, mother, or friend. It works until you believe it, so keep trying!</p>
<p>There are many reasons why fear comes up for us about our looks—the fact is that most people don’t feel very confident about their looks. To help get rid of this feeling, we must learn how to acknowledge those things about ourselves that we accept. </p>
<p>Whatever you do, don’t criticize or judge yourself. Tell yourself what you want to <strong>hear instead — say “</strong>I look great, I am wonderful” — repeat these <strong>words slowly till</strong> they turn into actions.</p>
<p>This will go a <strong>long way towards helping</strong> you deal with your fears related to your appearance. Next, let’s talk about strategies for improving your appearance.</p><h2>Rotate base of lash clockwise</h2>
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<p> Your lashes are naturally attached to your eyelid at a specific angle. When this alignment is disrupted, your eyes can appear wider or more closed, depending on the direction in which the lashes are growing.</p>
<p>When they grow downwards, your <em>natural curve may</em> be to one side. This is what we refer to as ‘protruding eyes’. </p>
<p>If you push this out, it will make your <em>eye look even narrower</em> than it already does! By simply rotating the lower lid sideways, you can fix this issue instantly. </p>
<p>This trick works with all face shapes (oblong, round, square) and makes your feature less pronounced.</p>
<p>To rotate the base of your lash line, choose an invisible glue stick that matches your skin tone. Then apply the glue where you want your lash line to start, and press down on the surface of your eyelid. Now pull the glued part of your lower lid away from the rest of your lids, towards the outside corner of your eye. </p>
<p>The pressure from the adhesive should force your upper lid to lift slightly, bringing the inside edge of your lower lid along with it. Now reposition the glued area so that its hairs above the inner rim of your eye. Lower your lid once again, and <em>repeat steps 10</em>-12 until you have created your desired effect. </p><h2>Press gently on the tip of the lash</h2>
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<p> There are many ways to apply false eyelashes. The most common method is called wax-work application. In this technique, you will create individual segments or sticks of hair that can be placed one after another onto your natural lashes.</p>
<p>The number of <em>strips applied depends mostly</em> on your preference for length. Generally, more <strong>people prefer longer applications</strong>, as they feel more secure with their eye lashes being pulled by less strands. </p>
<p>However, shorter ones work very well too; it all depends on how you plan to wear them. Only you know what’s comfortable for you. </p>
<p>There are two main types of waxes used in applying fake lashes: moldable and nonmoldable. Moldable wax gives better results when put up under the eyes, while the <em>nonmoldable offers better control</em> over hairs placed outside of the upper border of the eyelid. </p>
<p>When applying these kinds of lashes, it’s highly recommended that you place no glue along the base of your lashes. This prevents any chance of the glue leaking out and drying between your eyelash roots, which can cause clumping and separation. </p><h2>Hold for 5 seconds</h2>
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<p> When you are ready to apply your false eyelashes, <strong>make sure</strong> that you have warmed up. Your makeup should be moisturized before application. </p>
<p>The more fluidly you apply your mascara, the easier it will be to <em>get perfect results</em>. </p>
<p>Hold one of your hands still while the other applies your mascara. The longer you keep your eye lashes, the better they will look. </p>
<p>Results may vary depending on the type of lash used, length of use, and how often you apply your lashes. Certain products can increase the size of your eyes, so only apply the <strong>smallest amount necessary</strong>.</p><h2>Remove base of lash</h2>
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<p> When you sleep, your eyes are closed but your <strong>eyelids still remain open</strong>. The muscles that keep the lashes up are relaxed, so they come off easily.</p>
<p>When you wake up, put your hands in front of you. You will see that your <strong>lower lids</strong> don’t move as much when you close them. This is how you re-attach your upper lashes to their roots.</p>
<p>To reapply them, use a dampened tissue or block them with cotton balls. Fold the fabric toward the top of your eye then press it down onto the lid. Hold it there for at <em>least 10 seconds</em> or until it sticks.\\</p>
<p>Repeat this process on each side for easy removal. </p><h2>Look at your eyes</h2>
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<p> When you look closely at your eyes, you can see that there is a lot going on. There are many things happening when you gaze into the mirror’s reflection. </p>
<p>Your lashes grow to cover the area where our facial skin breaks up into pores. This is what gives us our signature eyelash shape—long, thick, and shiny. </p>
<p>However, this only works if you keep this line clear. Once you start drawing attention to yourself by using makeup, your face will begin to show through. </p>
<p>In order to avoid looking like you just woke up, make sure that you don’t wash away my eye color with your foundation or concealer. If you put something over it, apply a thin film so that the product doesn’t go all over everything.</p>
<p>The same thing goes for your lips. If they are blue or chapped, then you have some work to do to fix them before they can be seen as attractive. You can use lip liner to outline your natural lines, but if your lips are really dried out and brownish, consider getting a small tattoo of <em>bold red lipstick onto</em> them. </p>
<p>With <strong>bright lipstick comes</strong> a big bonus: color! Most women (and men) enjoy making a statement with their clothes and accessories, and most of these <em>girls wear lipstick</em> in one way or another. However, not everyone likes the feeling of dry, rouged-red lips almost as much as people who aren't</p><h2>Hold for 5 seconds</h2>
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<p> When you are doing up your false lashes, it is very important to put them on properly. If you don’t, they may come off in your eyes or those of other people. It is really good idea to learn how to do it properly before trying it on your own.</p>
<p>There are <em>two main ways</em> to apply false eyelashes; using a brush applied by hand, or putting them on with an instrument called an eye hook. </p>
<p>The first method applies the lashes one at a time, which can be done quickly but <em>requires careful application</em>. The second method allows for more quickness, as all the lashes can be placed rapidly together. </p>
<p>Which method you choose depends mostly on how fast you want to move. However, there is another way to decide which ones to use. </p>
<p>Consider their size: if you find that most <em>masks feature large open flakes</em> that settle nicely into your skin, then go for it. Those qualities work well with this mask technique. </p>
<p>However, if most <em>masks contain smaller</em>, lighter fibers that keep your skin smooth, then choose a face lift with finer fibers.</p><h2>Remove base of lash</h2>
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<p> Start by pulling back your <strong>left eye slightly</strong>, to expose the corner of the lid that’s called the “base” of the eyelash. Next, insert a <em>curved makeup brush</em> into the opening between the lashes and glue it in place with some make-up remover or water. This will help prevent any mascara from squeezing through this hole and onto your upper lids.</p>
<p>Close your eyes again, but this time roll down your lower half of your eyelid as well. Clear your brow and above the top lip. Carefully put some mascara on your bottom lashes too, only one or two turns so they appear fuller. </p>
<p>Finally, bring up the rest of your lashes, making sure to stick together. The ends of your lashes should now have enough room to fit properly. </p>
<p>Carefully open your eyes. You can <em>also wear false eyelashes</em> on just one side for a more natural look.</p>

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